Speed, Thrill and Fun

An incentive trip in capital letters for the 10 best Sales Managers: Ferrari self drive, helicopters and Champagne!

Welcome dinner with Wine Academy in the shade of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence: in a reserved room, il Signor Duccio, a professional and feisty Italian Sommelier, offered a complete panorama of wines produced by the Frescobaldi family, all accompanied by the most classic Tuscan dishes as well as by mouth-watering special food items.

Ferrari Day experience on board 5 brand-new Ferraris. Our guests thought that the day's program only included a tour by minibus in the wine area: so what a surprise to see five Ferraris parked in a spectacular red carpet display instead!

From that moment, on speed thrill and fun became the key words of the day: never-ending emotions on the winding panoramic routes of the Chianti wine region. Stop in Siena for a quick lunch in a recently opened Champagnerie. End of the tour at the Countryside Resort near Monteriggioni: 5 buildings making up the original 17th century Borgo in midst of the 60.000 sm park.

Unique, unforgettable Food & Wine Moments in an authentic family-managed Fattoria in The Chianti area: the wonderful Tuscan cuisine enters the scene before, during and after the cooking class.

For Italians food is a way of life and this is instilled in them from the time they twist their first spaghetti around a fork. Elena, the funny and sunny owner of the Fattoria and the class teacher was able to bring this feeling to her guests.

People got involved with passion and enthusiasm for food: tasting a glass of wine, cooking the onions until they become transparent, baking the cakes, all the while sharing experiences and joyful moments of conviviality.

Wine tasting with Sommelier directly in the old wine cellars of the Abbey of Passignano, an ancient monastery dating back to 395, where about 2000 wooden barrels of Antinori wine is aged. Visiting these historic and evocative sites and enjoying the high quality gourmet menu at the Osteria complete the food and wine experience of this day into the heart of Tuscany.

Surely a highlight was the helicopter flight to the further and final destination, ROME. On board 2 brand-new helicopters our guests had the opportunity to admire the picturesque landscape of the Chianti wine area from the top. They all were very excited and anxious to discover which other surprises were waiting for them in the Ethernal City.

A welcome reception on a privatized terrace overlooking Spanish Steps and visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel couldn't have been missing.

Finally an orienteering tour by Italian Vintage Vespas from the 50ies and 60ies living the atmosphere of Federico Fellini's film "Roman holiday": a mixture of unforgettable emotions!

Client: medical devices | Country: Austria | Pax: 10 | Destination: Florence + Rome