The most authentic Tuscany

In a society which runs to frenetic rhythms, in which luxury is protagonist and the simple values ​​of everyday life are being lost; an important German Company wanted to offer its best customers a dip in the most authentic Tuscany made of slow rhythms, of country traditions and farmer’s work with the land and its fruits.

The olive harvest is the protagonist: in the Tuscan agricultural tradition this is the last harvest of the year before the long winter. A ritual that brings with it that bit of melancholy for the beautiful season that goes away, cheered up by the pleasure of working once again together in the open air. This is actually what our guests bring with them along with a typical peasant country festival with wine, bruschetta, homemade pasta and traditional music, beside visit of pristine wine estates.

A slow pace, punctuated only by the changing landscapes, even during the vintage car tour through the Tuscan hills, between panoramic desert roads of great charm.

And to still find oneself walking side by side, without hurry, exchanging a few words, could not miss a walk on one of the most beautiful stretches of the ancient Via Frangigena that leads to Monteriggioni or during a cooking class tasting local traditional recepis.

An incentive journey with a strong emotional impact, made of authentic feelings and indelible memories.

Client: Furniture | Country: Germany | Pax: 90 | Destination: Tuscany