Winter incentive on the Tuscan coast

There is a beautiful stretch of coast in the North-West of Tuscany that offers excellent opportunities for a unique incentive travel experience in Italy. The destination Versilia coast (with Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta) together with Lucca and Carrara nestles in a unique natural context between endless sandy beaches and the impressive Apuan Alps. 

The rich diversified natural landscape was the ideal destination for a winter incentive travel off the beaten path: our guests from a search engine company travelled on board Jeeps 4x4 during an adrenaline full tour into the world of Carrara white marble, reaching places inaccessible for most: along winding and steep roads up to 1200mt inside the marble querries. This is where Michelangelo selected the blocks of some of his masterpieces. Dining experiences in the historical center of Lucca, the lovely fortified town with homemade specialities and poolside in a trendy restaurant and beach club on the coast in the glamorous Forte dei Marmi.